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Full Name: Reyvin

Nick Names: None

Gender: Male

Human Age: He's a shapeshifter, and lived for quite some time before he was killed by a group of renegade knights.

Immortal: Since medieval times at least, though he probably was around a lot longer then that.

Hair/Fur: White shaggy fur with soft blue leopard spots. Think the Bandersnatch from the newest Alice in Wonderland movie

Eyes: Blue? Gold? I'm not really sure. They tend to change

Glasses or contacts: Not needed

Skin tone: Whatever he feels like really, since he's a true shapeshifter

Height: See above, though he prefers to be about 6" in his human forms, and in his beast form he's about 5" at the shoulder (about the size of a black bear)

Weight: Again, whatever he feels like

Body Structure: Need I repeat myself again?

Scars: No

Tattoos: Unless he wants them, no. He can shapeshift them into existence

Piercings: See tattoos

Mental/Physical Disabilities: Not really any, besides a great distrust of himself to love others and have his own body.

Origin: Europe, dense forest

Species: True Shapeshifter

Supernatural Powers & Abilities: As indicated by his species, shapeshifting

Languages Spoken: English, though he's the silent type. Didn't talk much in his first life, and only ever spoke enough to communicate with his host

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: None

Spouse: None

Siblings: He can't remember any, though I get the feeling that all shapeshifters were directly related due to their rarity

Parents: See above

Friends: Only the people that know him

Elders/ Guardians: He is the Guardian of the system, though I dunno what exactly this is asking for

Enemies: People that don't believe in him

Occupation: Guardian. If I were ever in a dangerous situation, then he would come out and beat the shit outta whatever was attacking me. Or run. Or whatever. He's the one that fits closest with stereotypical D.I.D. even though we do not have that condition

Fellow Employees: Nobody

Talented At: Loving me with all his being, guarding me, being a companion

Untalented At: I dunno. He doesn't do much except keep me company

Temperament: Calm, possessive, puppy-like

Personal Quote: He doesn't have one

General Philosophy: Don't get attached, because everybody leaves you in the end.

Biggest Success: Keeping me safe, though he hasn't had much need to keep me safe

Dreams/Life Goals: To keep me safe and joyful

Likes: Cuddling, running, making others happy

Loves: Me, being able to make me happy

Regrets: He'd rather not think about them, but they relate to his first life and how he got killed.

Fears: That I'll get hurt/die and he won't be able to stop it

Loathes: Anybody/thing that tries to hurt me

Weakness: His love for me, though that's also a strength

Bad Habits: Trying to pretend to be the one I want most at the time to make me happy

Drink?: No

Smoke?: No

What single event would most throw this your life into complete turmoil?: Me getting incredibly hurt either emotionally or physically

What makes life worthwhile?: Me

What would you die for?: He'd die for me and anyone/thing I deem worthy of dying for

What do You Hate Most?: The fact that he is without his own body to love me properly

What do you Love Most?: The one advantage he has to being in my head is seeing my emotions and everything I am feeling. He knows me better then anyone else

What Makes You Embarrassed?: This

What do You Want Most?: Me

5 words on how you see yourself: I can't speak for him ^^;

5 Words on how others see you: Kind, fluffy, loving, caring, companion

Turn On's: Me and everything about me

Turn Offs: Anyone who isn't me

Favorites: ?

Song: Love songs

Color: Dunno

Person: Me

Sweets: Doesn't care

Food: See Sweets

Animal: Cats

Movie: Don't care

Book: The kind that set my heart a flutter (aka supernatural teen romance books)

Background: He lived for years in a forest, and over time a village blossomed and grew there. They knew of the "monster" in the forest, but after building a relationship they trusted him. He protected the village as best he could, till one day he woke up to the village burning. Someone had reported him to the local knights and they had set out to kill him. They burned the village when they wouldn't give up any information, and Reyvin let himself die in his grief.
Since Reyvin only really comes out if I'm threatened, I, Lizzie, wrote this for him.
Not much else to say then what's already been said, only that I'm not forcing you to believe anything ^^
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WolfShout Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh, you have a guardian too? Lovely! Mine shapeshifts as well, but only between wolf, raven and horse. He always appears to me with wings, as well.
lizziecat1279 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Student General Artist
He's actually transferred to another body, but when he dwelled in me I did ^^ I discovered long after writing this that he is actually an "ascended" kitsune (a kitsune that has lived 10,000 years or so, which is 1000 years after gaining their 9th tail), which explains the guardian attitude since ascended kitsune are guardian spirits.
Jasango Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012
*blinks and sighs before dissapearing*
If you don't mind me asking, he is your boyfriend? Or just a really close friend or brother? Cuz to me it sounded like he love, loves you. :squee: And it's very sweet! :heart:
lizziecat1279 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012  Student General Artist
He's kinda in my head. Not to say he's fake or made up, but he's his own soul dwelling within my body.
He does love me a lot, though he can't have me due to the whole "being trapped in my head" thing. And even if he had his own body I doubt he'd let himself love anyone freely. He's had some bad experiances in the past, as I wrote in there
You don't have D.I.D? I have it. So I have people just like you in my head. >.< Their there own people. Just the only thing that's different is they share 'the body'. And I wasn't trying to say he wasn't real or anything. I hate when people say that to me. I was only asking cuz it sounded like he "REALLY LOVES" you. And it was sweet how much he does. That was all really.

Men with bad experiences think they shouldn't love when really they should. Their just to hurt to let themselves. Trust me when I say I understand that. A lot of my alters have had bad things happen to them that when they come. They hate everyone and don't wanna love! But in the end, they can't fight against true love, my friend. *laughs* But I hope it works out for you two. He sounds like a really sweet person. ^_^
lizziecat1279 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Student General Artist
I didn't know if you were a random person or someone from the #Multiples-of-DA group ^^; Hence why I included that piece.
I technically don't have D.I.D., since none of my alters were produced from any sort of traumatic experience. I was born with them, and they have been "sleeping" until about a year or so ago when they all started to wake up. It's been interesting.
And we have it figured out. I am actually dating someone in reality that is more or less my soul mate (we both have alters that are mates as well, soooooo it kinda is a bit perfect). Reyvin is happy for me, and trusts my love which is big
Ah! Well, that's a good reason then. >.<

Oh! I still don't fully understand how all that works but if it works for you, then I'm happy for ya! :heart: Well I hope it all works out for you guys. :heart:
Krockomodo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lizziecat1279 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Student General Artist
Good interesting or bad interesting? Hehe
Krockomodo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good interesting.
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